Scholarship Grants and Financial Assistance

Scholarships available

  • University of Mindanao - Honor Society
  • Academic Scholars - Freshmen
  • Expression Skills
  • Tuition Fee Waiver
  • Family Discounts
  • Faculty Scholars
  • Person/s with Disability
  • Presidential Decree 451 (PD 451)
  • Indigent Assistance Program (IAP)
  • Rural Bank of Montevista (RBM)
  • Philippine National Police (PNP)
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
  • UM Fitness Center
  • Indigenous People (IP)
  • Omega Financial Suite (OFS)
  • Land Donors
  • Athletics
  • UM Chorale
  • UM Band
  • UM Makabayan Dancers
  • ROTC Corps Commander
  • Council of Supreme Student Government (CSSG)
  • Mutya ng UM
  • EVO Editor-in-Chief
  • Aiders
  • Student Assistance Program (STAP)
  • Special Scholarship Grants
  • Honors - Valedictorian to Honorable mention in High School

Who can avail?

A. Guillermo E. Torres Scholarship

Offered to Law and Accountancy students who have exemplary academic performance

B. UM Honor Society

Grantee must have completed one year of residence in UM and has earned of 36 units with the general average of 1.5 (95) with no grade below 2.0 (90) in any course.

C. Academic Scholarship

Offered to entering college freshmen who graduated with academic distinctions.

Valedictorian: 100% off of tuition

Salutatorian: 75% off of tuition

1st Honorable Mention: 50% off of tuition

2nd to 5th Honorable Mention: 25% off of tuition

6th to 8th Honorable Mention: 10% off of tuition

D. Student Training Assistance Program (STAP)

Through this program, students who meet the criteria of eligibility may be hired and work as temporary personnel to be assigned in different offices of the University.

E. Cultural Art Scholarship

Scholarship granted to the members of the UM Band, UM Chorale, and UM Makabayan Artist Ensemble.

F. Athletics Scholarship

Full scholarship shall be given to regular memebers of the varsity team who qualified for the national meets or tournaments.

G. Student Publication Grants

Full or partial tuition discounts are granted to senior editors of the PRIMUM, UM's Official School Publication; and the Vinta, the university's Offical Yearbook.

H. Family Tuition Discounts

This privilege may be availed of by families with three or more children enrolled in the undergraduate programs of the University.

How to avail?

For the full details on how to avail any of the scholarships offered by the University, visit the Students Accounting Office (SAO) located at UM Bolton Campus, Davao City.